Monday, April 17, 2017

Create Content To #drawthecrowds

Create content to


Content need to be relevant.

If you’re looking to (#drawthecrowd) to your site this year, you need to be familiar with the top-searched keywords and have a plan in place to create relevant content for it.
Use GoogleTrends to identify the trending searches around Halloween. with this insight, your content can transition from ideas to articles that resonate with your users several years after.

If you’re looking for ideas to develope new relevant content, think about this summer and cultural events the world will be searching to stay connected and informed about. Many big sporting events are happening this summer that will likely have a good amount of search interest considering past trends.

Think about important dates, when building your content strategy and timelines, specific games and popular keywords. Think with Google released an infographic showcasing that 70% of game-related searches happen in the month surrounding game day vs. the day itself. Their research shows that these events are more like a month-long series of digital moments–each one an opportunity to connect with fans through search, mobile, and video.

Regardless of what type of site you have, ask yourself if you’re providing your users with the content they need and want.

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